Do you have a great idea? A simple way to optimize your business or the next big thing on the internet? You can definitely be proud of yourself, not everyone can come up with something like this!
Having a new idea is one of the best feelings in the world but can also be the beginning of a lot of headaches. Seeing a project from start to finish is a daunting task - especially if you do not have the required expertise or skill set. Our services target to help you along this exciting journey. We have a lot of experience in realising projects and are here to help you in whatever way we can!
No matter what type of idea you have, it is always good to have a strategy on how to see things through. The actual way is of course project-dependent but experience has shown that it makes sense to structure projects in the following way.


You have a rough idea what the product is going to be. This is already the most important first step but nothing you can start work on. You will need a more concrete plan and concept on how to do things. What are the required resources? What is already available in the market? What are the required tools? Having an overview of these things can help you decide if the idea is worth further pursuit or if it is just not feasible at the moment. It might sound tough but it is a lot better to call it a day early than investing a lot of time and money in a project that already seems doomed before it even fully began.


The project is more concrete, a concept is available and it is understandable that you want to get going as fast as you can. Still it might make sense to slow down a little and evaluate the situation. Lots of projects have sounded great on paper but never made it to full production because there are things you cannot anticipate from just a paper draft. The logical step after having a concept is to try to get something in your hands as fast and cheap as possible. Such a prototype does not need to be production-ready (nor should it be). It should however give you an easy way to get feedback and have a new basis for reevaluation. If the prototype looks promising then this is perfect. But if it already shows problems that cannot be fixed easily it might once again be time to call it quits. No shame in that, you gave it a shot but it was not meant to be. As mentioned earlier it simply makes more sense to stop a project early before investing more time and money without any foreseeable benefit.


The concept phase looked promising, the prototype gave you even more confidence, now it is time to say "All systems go!". This is the part most people associate with actual development. If you followed this structure you can build on the experience gathered in the earlier phases. The focus in this phase should be on quality and delivering the best possible product. You will need experienced developers to shape the final project into thing you actually dreamt up.


Having a product done and shipped is the most important part of any project but not the end of its lifetime. Support and maintenance is often overlooked although it can make up quite a big portion of overall time spent. How do you keep your product up-to-date? Who is responsible and available if things do not work as expected? Nothing is worse than a product flopping just because no one could take the time to fix a minor bug...

Our Services

We are here to help you along the way. This might be for the whole journey or just for some parts of it. We are happy to assist you in any phase and our egos are not hurt if you decide to go with someone else for the others. You might have some developers with less experience that would like some help with the concept but feel like they could develop the prototype themselves. Or you have someone to build the prototype but they are insecure about doing the full product. Just contact us and we can try to figure out a way that benefits you the most. In the end it is your idea and you should be happy!


For any questions feel free to contact us in any way you like (although we prefer mail).

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